Your Wedding

We are able to offer you a professional, affordable Photographer for your wedding ceremony. As part of our all day wedding photography and evening disco package, we can offer you our professional wedding photographer for the day.

We offer a range of tailor made packages which can include everything, from the photography of your wedding ceremony and vows, your official wedding group photos, and your evening photography, as well as your DJ and Disco.

Prices can and will vary slightly depending on the specific requirements of your special day. We could be with the bride and bridesmaids from as early as breakfast time with our camera equipment, ready to capture your whole day, from start to finish if you require. Capturing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. Hair, makeup, nails, all the things you girls do on your wedding day.

Or, if you are simply looking for just your wedding ceremony photography and official group wedding photos, we are more than happy to meet you directly at the church/registry office and start the photography.

If any of the above ideas are something you might be interested in considering and would like further information, please take a look at our sister company. “Cutting Image Wedding Photography”. Simply by clicking on this links below.

Website: Goto Website

We also recommend you visit their Facebook page for their up-to-date wedding photography portfolio.

Facebook: Goto Facebook Page

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