For Your Safety & Protection

Allsounds Roadshow carries its own PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and are covered for up to £10,000,000, in the unlikely event of an incident that we could be held liable for. All of our equipment is PAT Tested (Portable Appliance Tested) on a regular basis. We abide by our own, and your chosen venue’s health and safety policies.

Allsounds Roadshow Health & Safety

The following method statement has been developed to provide a safe system of work and will be adhered to at all times, any significant deviation from this system must first be authorised by Dave Marley (Allsounds Roadshow Owner)

The Main Hazards To Your Safety And Health At Any Event Or Function Are:

  • Injury from the incorrect actions of other contractors/persons at venue
  • Injury from uninvited manual handling
  • Injury from equipment hazards
  • Injury to members of the public during any event or function

Preventative Measures We Take To Avoid Potential Accidents:

  • We are “competent” to carry out the task
  • Heath and Safety is complied with on our part at all times
  • Clients and their guests are prohibited from touching, moving or lifting any of Allsounds Roadshow equipment at all times
  • All wiring and setting up of roadshow equipment will be done by Allsounds Roadshow
  • Allsounds Roadshow equipment will always be erected safely
  • All hazadous cables will be taped down to the floor for health and safety at all times

Environmental Protection Measures Allsounds Roadshow Take

Allsounds Roadshow will always leave the area used for their equipment for the duration of the event as it was found. Clean and tidy.

Quality Control:

  • Allsounds Roadshow representatives will always be smartly dressed, polite and curtious at all times.
  • Allsounds Roadshow pride ourselves on experience and professionalism. Both in equipment and conduct.

Allsounds Roadshow Conduct

Allsounds Roadshow generally arrive at any event 2 hours prior to its starting time. Our equipment usually takes around 1 hour to set up. We will always try to be set up and ready to start entertaining guests before clients guests arrive at the arranged venue (where permitting). We will continue entertaining guests non top until the clients agreed finishing time. At the end of the event we will remove our equipment as quietly as possible so as not to disturb guests and the venues possible neighbours.

Allsound Roadshow Staff

The event will be carried out by staff from Allsounds Roadshow. All members of staff are experienced and professional.

Preparation & Induction

A risk assessment will be carried out for all functions prior to setup, which will be discussed with client in the unlikely event of any health and safety issues that may be found upon assessment. Any queries or concerns will be raised with the booking client who will ensure it is dealt with. Allsounds Roadshow will follow and respect all venue rules and safety procedures.


Allsounds Roadshow carry PPL (Public Performance Licence) for all the music they play at any event/venue.


Allsounds Roadshow carries its own PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and are covered for up to £10,000,000 in the event of an accident that Allsounds Roadshow could be held liable for.

PAT Testing

All of Allsounds Roadshow equipment is PAT Tested (Portable Appliance Tested) and hold a valid certificate which is renewed on a regular yearly basis, for their own and their clients health and safety.

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