Thought About Photography?

How would you like a professional photographer for your event, at no extra cost? Allsounds Roadshow offer more than your standard Disco, we offer FREE photography with any event booked with us as part of our unique package. Using our high quality camera equipment we offer what we like to call “Informal Photography”. We will be happy to frequently wander around through the duration of your special event capturing memories and moments. Pictures of you and your guests simply enjoying yourselves. We tend to snap shots from a distance and those shots generally end up capturing the fun and excitement of your party in full swing. Some of these precious moments get missed, especially while everyone is partying hard. The results of the photos, taken by us, speak for themselves and once the party is over they provide a long term memory of one of the best parties you ever had.

All Included In Your Quoted Price

The mobile disco price, that was quoted to you, includes all the photos that are taken during your event. They are then copied onto a CD and then handed to you completely free of charge at the end of your party. No hidden costs or extras, that’s it, all in the price quoted to you. We will usually capture around 150/200 images per event and throughout your special occasion. You won’t need to worry about carrying your camera around with you, or stopping to take photos, leave that to us. Allsounds Roadshow are on hand with our camera equipment capturing all the fun of the event, leaving you to just … well … enjoy yourselves. We are also happy to shoot any specific photos of friends and family you may personally require. All in, with your quoted price.

Let Us Know When Making Your Booking

If you are interested in having free photography, at your event, along with one of the best Disco/Roadshows in your area, please make us aware when arranging your booking so we can accommodate you and make your party as perfect as we can, for you.

Professional Mobile Disco Entertainment